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Hempworx Wholesale Program

Interested in our Wholesale Program?

There’s a very old principle about retail that still has huge validity. Hempworx wholesale program is here!

The four P’s - Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. At HempWorx, our products are trusted by hundreds of thousands of users around the world.

hempworx wholesale

And, for the first time ever, it’s never been easier to get our life-changing products at a massively discounted price - so you can put it on your shelves and make HUGE profits! We know we have products that everyone NEEDS and we give you a business in a box to maximize your success! 

hempworx wholesale

Important Information About Wholesale Orders

Delivery Times - Being that you are ordering large quantities of product at once, it may take up to 14 business days to process and deliver your order. Orders only ship after we have received payment. 

Local State Laws - You must check with your local state laws and have appropriate business licenses to carry our products. We are not responsible or able to give you legal counsel on your local market. 

Affiliate Account - When placing wholesale orders, you will automatically have an affiliate account created which will allow you to place smaller orders, and direct people to your website if needed. We handle all the payments, shipping, and delivery for your website referrals, and the one time $20 affiliate fee will be waived.  If you just want to be an affiliate get more info here or check our Product page for all available products of Hempworx.

Marketing Materials - We do not supply marketing materials, but you can order Apparel, Merchandise, and Marketing Materials on the website once you order.

Refunds - Because we spend a significant amount of time and resources to accommodate each wholesale order, we do not offer refunds on wholesale purchases. 

Minimum Advertised Price - We require anyone purchasing wholesale to sell at our minimum advertised price. We do not allow price undercutting. Wholesalers who undercut in pricing will immediately be terminated and will not be able to reorder. 

Wholesale / Bulk Buying Program

hempworx wholesale

Go to page on button and scroll down to the bottom to see "wholesale" and click on that link for wholesale info. 

Interested in becoming a regular affiliate for just a one time $20 fee?

Click below and check affiliate box and continue through checkout.  I will email you right away!

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