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Can CBD Oil Work for Dogs?

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Hempworx CBD for Dogs are here

I used to ask myself “Can Hempworx CBD for dogs help me?”. I originally bought the Hempworx product for my dog and have been seeing AMAZING results. He had a lot of general tension and resource guarding, occasional aggression, and a lot of nervousness. 

Now I will say it took a few weeks of twice a day drops for us to see a big difference but even my husband mentioned how much more mellow and calm the dog is now compared to how he was.

We are definitely believers in the Hempworx products and the Hempworx Pet Products are no exception!

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hempworx for dogs


I recomend talking with your veterinarian before giving the products to your pet.  I am not a doctor and every pet is different so make sure and get the proper advice first.

That being said, this product has truly been a life saver for our Cocoa and trust me he was (and still can be at times) a serious handful!

Our Vet was looking at putting him on Prozac which we were very close to doing but with these results I do not see that we need to go that route.

Our dog loves the treats and the pet drops.  He also has had smaller doses of the Hempworx 500.

Hempworx CBD Oil for Dogs

hempworx cbd for dogs

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With hempworx cbd for dogs you are giving your bestfriend a chance to experience the best hemp oil for dogs with nervousness. Hempworx CBD oil for dogs is made from the purest and organic substance to provide the best quality that our furry friends need to deal with mental health issues.

Recommended Hempworx CBD Oil Dosage for Pets

For the Hempworx 500 Bottle of CBD Oil

  • 1-20 lbs 1-2 mg CBD /2-4 drops
  • 21-45 lbs 2-3 mg CBD/ 4-6 drops
  • 46-74 lbs- 3-4 mg CBD/ 6-8 drops
  • 75+ lbs- 4-5 mg CBD/8-10 drops

*Amounts will differ using the 750 and the 250 mg bottles.

Hempworx Dog Treat Dosage

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For those of you who give the dog treats to your dog or are considering it, here is the recommended hempworx dog treats dosage:

1-2 treats serving size

I usually give 1-2 treats a day plus dog drops in my dogs water.

Since every dog is different just make sure and talk to your vet, and then let your dog try the treats maybe starting at 1 a day and see how it goes.  

My dog loves them!

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How to Get a Discount on Hempworx Products:

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You can choose whether you want to be a preferred customer or an affiliate with Hempworx 

If you want to earn income with Hempworx choose the affiliate choice., otherwise you can still get a discount on the products if you choose the larger packages.  There is even a pet package as you can see below.

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The Hempworx Dog Treats

Check our hempworx dog treats ingredients and see all the benefits that your lovely pets get for every serving.

hempworx dog treats reviews

Your dog will Love these treats!  They are healthy and formulated by a Veterinarian. 

2.5 mg Full Spectrum CBD per treat.  Suggested Use 1-2 treats

All Natural-Wheat Free- Corn Free- Soy Free-Organic and Made in the USA.

Make sure and let me know how your pets do after trying these products!

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