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Hempworx CBD Oil

The HEMPWORX CBD oil is amazing and comes in 2 different CBD strengths.  There is the 500 mg CBD oil and the 750 mg CBD oil.

There is about 50 servings of 10-15mg doses (500mg-750mg total) of all natural, top quality potent CBD oil in 30ml/1oz bottles

There are 2 different flavors to choose from.  Natural flavor and Peppermint.

Both are great and can work wonders in so many areas of your life.

Hempworx CBD Oil 500mg and 750mg

Most people start off with the 500 mg ($69) bottle and then move to the 750 mg ($89) if needed.  You can purchase a 4 pack or more and save!  Click on the button below.

There are no known side effects with the Hempworx CBD oil.  

Because of the quality and purity with no THC, the products are safe and effective.  You can see the documentation of the Hempworx CBD Oil testing here

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Hempworx Dosage Instructions

Each dropper contains 10-15mg of CBD and you can control your serving size by squeezing the right amount into the dropper.  This information is purely a guidance and does not replace your medication or doctor prescriptions. 

This information is really just a starting point of reference.  Everyone is different and will react differently to their CBD serving.  As tolerance of CBD is different for everyone, it is best to start small and gradually increase until you experience the desired result.

1 Full Dropper= 1 Serving
1 Serving = 10-15mg of CBD (depending on whether you have a 500mg or 750mg bottle)
Maximum Recommended Serving = 20-30mg daily (full Dropper twice a day)

How to Use Your Hempworx Oil

It is really recommended that you start slow with the oil and gradually increase your dosage over a 3-4 week period.  Start with 5 drops (1/4 of a dropper) twice a day for the first week.  On week 2-3 you can go up to 10 drops twice a day.  By week 4 you can go to 20 drops (full dropper) twice a day to get the full 20-30mg of CBD daily. 

Experiment a little and see what works best for you.  
It is also recommended that you consult with your doctor for serving suggestions. 

More Hempworx Serving Suggestions

Increasing appetite in cancer patients- 1-2mg of CBD oil daily
Chronic Pain- 2.5-20mg of CBD  oil daily for an average of 25 days
Epilepsy -100mg of CBD oil daily for up to 5 months
Sleep Disorders- 40-160 mg of CBD oil daily 15 min before bed
Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms- 2.5-120mg of CBD Oil daily for 2-15 weeks
Schizophrenia -40-1280mg daily of CBD Oil for up to 4 weeks
Glaucoma- 20-40mg of CBD Oil under the tongue.  Doses greater than 40 may actually increase eye pressure.

Again Please talk with your doctor first about serving suggestions.  These are just a guideline of what has worked
for others and has been suggested.

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